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Welcome to our GP Stickershop

Creative and unique motorcycles designs!
Specialises in styling, design and modelling for your motorcycle.
Enjoy this delightful selection of motorcycle art!
Keeps your motorcycle looking like new and provide increased grip while riding.
Exclusive designs, incredible motorcycle graphics!
Our creations are original, high quality, and inspected.
Keep your tank in top condition and hang on better!
Top quality Holland-made tank pads with 3M adhesive for secure fitment.

Welcome at GP

Welcome at GP . . .

Here you'll find a fine choice of tank pads, stickers and wheel stripes. We have several designs available.

A tankpad from :

- Protect your motorcycle tank's finish with tank pads, tank covers and traction pads.
- Helping keep your motorcycle looking like new while providing increased grip when riding hard.
- Not only do tank pads, tank covers and traction pads add style, but their functional as well.


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